E-Learning Platform

e learning platform is a great way to spread knowledge or track it!  and in 113 Ideas Digital Agency, we have developed e-learning projects with excellent results. In addition, we know what issues come up most of the time and we can give you a hand.

For Colgate Colombia, we developed www.visitadigital.com .A “virtual school” for dentists.  In addition, health professionals were trained and learned about the latest Colgate products and how to use them.  In addition, “Visita Digital” have already made 2 different versions and implementations for Ecuador and Peru.

We have the ability to produce educational videos, workshops, surveys, databases where the evaluator can see how the exams were resolved by students, errors , time to respond and in general all elements you will need. Give us a call, and create your own online trainning sesion.

Need a e learning platform? Give us a shut : )