ONLINE MAKETING, our specialty

There are many elements you have to keep in mind regarding online marketing and these are some of the most important:

  • SEM (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION)  or pay per click. Using an SEM strategy, you will pay a specific amount per keyword and when users type it in any browser, your company or service will appear in the promotional spaces of search engines. For every click that leads to your site or landing page, you will pay a specific amount.
  • SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) we´ll create a strategy and do the required coding to position your brand first when a specific keyword is typed. Being on the first page is vital to be found.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA this is how your brand becomes a “human” that interacts with  your clients. Find out what´s wrong, what´s great, offer help, information and then when the time comes, sell what you do best.
  • EMAIL MARKETING  how effective is email marketing? We would estimate there is approximately a 5-7% conversion rates. Compare these numbers with direct mail or any other type of outbound marketing and you will see how valuable email marketing can be.

In addition, you can see metrics regarding how effective your campaign is, what your clients like and dislike, what their behaviors are, and how much time they spent on your site.  We provide everything you need to improve your campaign quality and conversion rates.